All our services are completely scalable depending on the size of your company and its defined requirements. Our free diagnostic will highlight the best solutions tailored to your needs. Simply use the contact form for a quote on individual services.

We offer award winning technical support. Whether remote, telephone or on-site support, we can take away the headache of the day to day issues IT can bring for as little as £40 per week. If your business is always on the go, it is always making money. Let us make IT a tool of your trade, not a spanner in the works.

Trust ITM to expel the confusion - Cloud backup is simply getting all your data off site and backed up securely. So many of us hold our data in one place, or on non-encrypted pen drives while the facility to have the most versatile automated and managed backup solution is available but seldom used. Do you know your backup status? Call us to help.

For the Microsoft users of the world, the new developments in Office 365 have revolutionised the way we can work. Huge online storage, multi-platform access to the full office Suite, you can even pop your server in the cloud... Are you aware of its possibilities? Contact us for more details.

Whether a flower shop or a credit card call centre - access to the internet is a primary fundamental asset to your IT infrastructure. We are proud to partner with a true ISP, EXA Networks, to provide tailored solutions to accommodate every surfing need, safely! Is your internet service provider the best for your business? Call us to find out.

Be it new build from the ground up, or a revamp to reinvigorate the workforce, any change in the IT of a workplace requires smooth project management and delivery to minimises disruption and increases adoption. A change may be as good as a rest... but let ITM allow you to rest while the IT change happens.

More and more businesses are experiencing cyber fraud attacks, at a cost to the UK economy of £27 billion a year. Cyber security is a hot topic that businesses must embrace in order to help prevent future attacks. How secure is your company IT? Call us to check this out for you.

We have partnered with one of the UK's leading telephony providers to give us value for money and a solid versatile solutions for the business of today and tomorrow. Contact us for more information on what can be provided.